FIC: No More (Albion Falls)
Forget, wedding, Amy
Title: No More (Albion Falls)
Name: Diana Prallon
Rating: NC-17/E
Character/Pairings: Arthur/Merlin; Arthur; Merlin; Gaius; Gwen; Mordred; Leon
Word Count: 14518
Warnings: [Major Character Death; Non-Con; Graphic Violence; Torture]

Notes: Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

I don't think I've ever written anything so consistently dark, so you're all forewarned.

My eternal thanks to both Dark_K and Liafail for all their help in this, in giving their opinions and in proof-reading, betaing, and what-not. I shall never forget the worthy sacrifice of your tears. Special thanks for Liafail for giving away the plot to me. I hope this is up to your (angsty) standards. I should also thank everyone in the Merlin-chat, for their continuous support and company in GSD-ing; and of course, everyone in Merlin_Writers for word wars that helped in writing this much.

{No More (Albion Falls)}

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Like many characters in the works featured here, our festival has reached its end. >) Thank you all to the wonderful people who participated, whether it was in the form of fic, art, or simply prompting!

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Please give them all your attention if you haven't already, and thank you again for a wonderful fest!

FIC: Uninvited
Title: Uninvited
Name: neuroticnick
Prompt #: 5 [Prompt]Arthur moves into a new house. There are weird noises at night, it's always freezing, and things start moving around. Not to mention the neighbours let themselves whenever they see fit because they were 'friends with the old owner.' At first Arthur is annoyed, then he's scared. The only comfort he has is one of the neighbours, Merlin, but then Merlin starts to act weird too.

Rating: NC-17
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur
Wordcount: 31320
Warnings: Major character death, mentions of drug use
Summary: When Arthur moves to Ealdor, he does not expect A) his house to be mercilessly cold, B) a neighbour that aggressively makes tea every morning, or C) the secret that’s hidden away in the loft.
Notes: Thanks to A for the quick and thorough beta, and G for feeling out the overall creepiness factor.
{ Uninvited }


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