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FIC: The Tower
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hyunni27 wrote in merlin_horror

Title: The Tower
Name: hyunni27(lj) / Tayathestrange(AO3&Tumblr)
Rating:Teen and Up Adiences
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Arthur (only indirect)
Warnings:some violence, but nothing too graphic

Summary: When his time comes to choose a quest to prove his value as a knight and the potential to be a future leader Arthur's decision falls on the most
appealing one: "You must find the Lost Kingdom and save the cursed princess, who has been sleeping in the highest tower while the land died below her." But when he finally reaches his destination, the legend turns into a lie and something much more dangerous than a princess to be kissed awaits in the ruins of the forgotten kingdom.

Notes: This piece has been inspired by a prompt from
mushroomtale. A twisted fairytale was suggested and I got very intrigued since I had been pondering on something like that for quite some time now. Sadly it didn't really turn out like I imagined (and problay also not like the Prompt-Giver meant it). I'm sorry. I'm so tired and this doesn't feel finished. I still have some polishing to do, so I suggest not to read it until Halloween. (I just didn't wanna miss my posting date, it's already so late @____@).

Oh yeah, the fairytale used was 'Sleeping Beauty" (just in case the summary didn't make that clear enough).

Here on AO3

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Hi, it seems like your link is not working?

I'm so sorry

Hey, I'm really sorry to reply so late. Something had gone wrong with the first posting and I was just so fed up with everything I just didn't have the energy to do it again.

Here's the working link:

I hope it's OK to still post it this late. I was so happy to take place in the challenge. Sorry again.

(PS: I wanted to post the work to the "Merlin Horror Fest 2015" Collection, but couldn't find it. So I only made a tag.)

didn't realize I wasn't logged in

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